Thursday, November 8, 2012


419 scams

Dear Sir/Madam

For the fact that I do not know you and have not had any previous relationship with you made it clear that am reposing a great deal of trust on you. How are you?together with your family, I hope all is well with you over there.

My name is Mr. Biyah A. Ruben, a citizen of Niger Republic, business associate to Mr. Saif Al-Islam who was arrested 20th November 2011 with two of his Aids while trying to flee to Niger Republic by the National Transition Government who over threw the late Colonel Gadaffi Government after the 9 months war. In the opinion not to loose all the properties with us Mr. Saif Al-Islam decided to separate the properties of which I have been given three trunk boxes, two of them containing US dollar 100 Bills to the tune of US$78Million [SEVENTY EIGHT MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS] which the whole bills has been defaced into black which enabled me easy shipment of the consignments funds to a nearby country called Benin Republic in a bank vault, the third box contain some huge Quantity and Quality 22carat gold.

When we all departed in our separate way, I later had that the convoy leading Saif Al-Islam has been arrested. Be rest assured that there is no risk over this transaction as everything is being perfected and currently am the only person that knows where the funds and the gold were lodged, even the son of Gadaffi Saif does not know the current position of the fund and the gold as he has been made to believe that am dead but I escaped the bomb attack from the rebels, so be rest assured you are free to work with me and no problem and risk involved but we need to work it out quick. You can watch press TVA or Aljazeera TV for more information for you to understand and comprehend with me properly.

please go through this important message to comprehend everything about this transaction. I want you to understand that I called you to participate in this business because of trust I have in you and if you accept with your full mind to participate, you must be ready to adhere to my advices and my guidelines without any argument or doubt. All the legal transfer document will be done accordingly..

Before we proceed and sending you the procedure to actualize the transfer, I have one question:


Can you travel to Benin Republic for this purpose because I will like you to be there to enable you see everything with your eyes and face to fact about the project. Or do you want to use the services of the accredited attorney to do the needful for us? The bank manager stated that the fund can be transferred from their bank in Benin Republic but you will have to open a non resident account with them where the fund will be first lodged and further transfer to your account in your country. You can arrange to travel down there to set up the account or you can use the services of the bank accredited lawyer for the service down there to set up the account and get all the legal transfer document. I want to be sure you can handle this transaction because the opening of the account will cost you some money and that is the only amount the transaction will cost you till the fund arrives your account. Yes the possibility to effect the fund via bank to bank transfer is good but will ne
ed your respond to me if you know

I can make an urgent arrangement to move the funds to Europe if you will be more comfortable to deal with it in Europe, let me know.

I will also prefer you talk with Bank director to arrange for a face to face meeting in as i consider the project too mature for distance communication.Hope you understand.

My Very Best Regards
Mr. Biyah D. Ruben