Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spam Exploiting Gadhafi’s Demise goes on

Symantec researchers stumbled on fresh versions of the already circulating spam mails regarding Muammar Gadhafi the Libyan leader's death, which are actually nothing, but 419 scams, as per the news published in Softpedia dated November 1, 2011. The new spam mails enticed users with subject lines like "WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR US AFTER THE DEATH OF GADAFI." Apparently, the warning may appear convincing given that it's sent from a United States citizen rather than any lady who asserts that she's Gadhafi's wife.
The e-mail states that the writer is Captain Brandon Hale, a NATO intelligence officer in Libya who is part of a Joint Monitoring as well as Peace-keeping mission deployed inside Libya along with being in charge of protecting civilians within Libya and Tripoli in general. Subsequently, the e-mail offers a proposal within the message's initial part.